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Microsoft’s Project Scorpio unveils the XBOX One X, 4K gaming console for $500

Microsoft wants Xbox One X to be a platform for as many gamers as possible. Xbox one, Microsoft, E3 2017, Electronic Entertainment expo,


XBOX One X – The most powerful console yet by Microsoft

With a grand premier at E3, Microsoft announced the release of their latest gaming console – the Xbox One X. Claimed to be the most powerful console in the world, Microsoft unveiled it after filing a trademark for an ‘S’ logo. Trademark Filing describes the ‘S’ logo as “to be used with consoles with an external display screen or a monitor, and computer game software to be used with personal computers and video game consoles”. Microsoft promises to offer console games premium performance for a tough price of “$500, EUR 400, GBP 450, CAD 600, and AUD 649”. The launch date for the super console is November 7th.

Microsoft Xbox One X wil lbe available Nov 7th.

All the current Xbox One accessories, as well as all the backward compatible Xbox 360 games, will work with the Xbox One X. The Verge, at the E3 conference, was able to gain a first-hand view of the Xbox One and states that “Microsoft is planning to make use of ‘super-sampling’ on the Xbox One X to make new games look better on 1080p TVs. They phrased the Xbox One X as “a boring black box with concealing powerful components” – given the plain box-like look and the similarity to the Project Scorpio dev kit.

Concerns about the price

Having the latest technology packed into a smaller than usual black box calls for a high price margin. “It’s expensive compared to other game consoles, and it’s expensive when you’re not comparing it to anything” – Business Insider. Microsoft seems to be proud of the fact that the Xbox One X is expensive: “The Xbox One X is the smallest and most powerful Xbox One ever made. It’s also the most expensive”.


When asked by Ben Gilbert of Business Insider, whether Microsoft is making any money with the $500 Xbox One X, Phil Spencer the head of the Xbox division replied with a flat out “No”. And stated that “I didn’t answer it that way”, refusing to offer further details.  Though his reply wasn’t an outright denial, it does paint a picture of questionable profitability at the current price point.

Why is the Xbox One X so expensive?

  • It’s a much smaller and condensed black box when compared to the other Xbox consoles. The smaller the size of the black box, the higher the cost.
  • Capable of handling the latest games with 4K resolution requirements.

In another interview with Jeff Gerstmann of Giantbomb, Spencer confirmed that the Xbox One X was designed specifically for players who want the most powerful consoles out there. “It’s not for everyone, just like the Elite Controller, a $150 a controller is not for everybody”.

Microsoft has also released an array of 4K compatible games with the Xbox One X. At the launch conference, 42 games were displayed, which were exclusively Microsoft only. Top of the list is the recently released Forza, followed by Crackdown 3 and Sea Thieves.

Xbox One X $500 4K resolution

Technical Specifications

  • 8-core Custom AMD CPU clocked at 2.3GHz.
  • 12GB GDDR5 of graphic memory to enable “bigger worlds, further horizon and quicker load times.
  • Scorpio Engine – 6 Teraflop GPU enables 4K environments, realistic details, and smoother animations.
  • Advanced liquid cooling and supercharger-style fan.
  • 8GB Flash memory.
  • 1TB HDD Internal Storage.
  • 4 K UHD Blu-ray optical drives.
  • 0b (out) 2160 @60HZ, AMD Free Sync.
  • DTS 5.1 audio components.
  • IR Blaster to send and receive signals.