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Shapescale by Smart Labs, a 3D scanning smart scale

3D scanning workout technology that tells you how much weight you lost and where you lost it.


ShapeScale provides 3D analysis of your body

ShapeScale 3D smart scale. Shape Labs Inc.

Smart Lab is an emerging innovative products developer in workout technologies. They have unveiled their latest product – ShapeScale. ShapeScale gives you precise weight readings but also pinpoints which part of your body has gained or lost the most. The scale uses infrared sensor on a robotic arm to scan a user’s body. Pre-orders are now being served at $299 for the device which ships out in early 2018. Subscription service is also available, the most popular being the $10.00 per year option.

What it comes with

It’s a weighing machine with a base to step on, and a robotic arm which rotates around the base. The robotic arm holds a 3D scanner, an infra-red sensor, a coded light projector, and a 5-megapixel camera which generates a high resolution ‘virtual avatar’ of a person’s body. Scanning takes 60 seconds to complete and the whole process is surprisingly quiet. Total weight of the whole scale with the base and the robotic arm is around 10.5 lbs, thanks to Smart Labs’ minimalistic design approach. “It looks like some sort of teleportation device when it’s in action” states Digital Trends.

Once the ‘avatar’ has been generated, it’s sent to the accompanying iPhone and Android app. ShapeScale app features a “time lapse” and “side by side” setting to help you visualize the changes in your avatar’s body over time. It identifies your natural waist and using heat signatures generated with the infra-red sensors, locates areas of stress around it which has gained or lost the most. It differentiates the parts which have lost fat versus the ones which have gained muscle with heat signature maps specific of both. According the official website, the scale gives a 3D
heat map of worked out areas too.

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