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Regaind and its Computer Vision for Photography is now part of Apple AI

Apple looks to improve its AI with the purchase of Regaind a French Tech Startup!


With the iPhone 8’s already on shop shelves, it seems as though the world has passed them by in favor of the iPhone X. A new and wondrous delivery from the Cupertino based giant, one that has been a decade in the making. However, as with all things tech, nothing stands still for long. It has come to light that Steve Jobs baby has purchased the French startup Regaind. A company who’s tech will add to the Apple AI.

What is the Apple AI?

The Apple AI is the companies serious attempt at adding machine learning into its devices. The first inclination that the company gave consumers about this was a few years ago, with the inclusion of intelligent search in its Photo App. It gave users the ability to search for specific images using keywords such as “Granny” or “Birthday” and would return related images.

To get the best from its Apple AI, the company invested millions of Dollars into research which resulted in some fantastic features for iOS. As a result, the OS can now auto-combine images which it deems are important into so-called Memories. And that’s something which Apple is continuing to improve/work on with the purchase of Regaind.

how does Apple AI work?
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How Does it Work?

When you’re not using your iPhone, or when it is plugged in to charge the Apple AI gets to work. It immediately begins to analyze your photo library to try and understand you and your pictures. Now, while Regaind and its computer vision for photography are similar to what Apple already offers, it will provide improvements.

The fact that Apple has purchased the French company with little to no fanfare means nothing; it’s normal Apple behavior. However, the fact that no one knows if its tech is in devices now is up for debate.

regaind part of Apple AI
Image Source: regaind.io

Regaind and its Computer Vision

What could Regaind and its tech bring to the party?

To start with its advanced API, could enable Apple to take its offering up a gear or two. How? Right now, it can provide information about the technical and aesthetic nature of images. Imagine, you’re shooting photos with Burst mode, Regaind will auto-sort the best picture and add it to your library. That means sifting through those multiple shots to determine which is the best is no longer needed.

In fact, it will also remove/hide all of the duplicates should you set it up to do so.

What else could it bring to the Apple API? Imagine shutter control no-longer being in the hands of the photographer, you just point and shoot. Safe in the knowledge that Regaind/Apple AI will crop and sort the images

Other improvements to the Apple AI could see the Photos App auto-create albums based on events, memories, locations and more. It’s also thought that the ability to search for more specific content with a picture such as a building, or even words, is here. As is the rumored ability to recognize gender, hair color, and emotion! Which some may find a little creepy, how far off is the accurate recognition of individuals?

Final Thoughts

Has Apple already worked Regaind’s technology into its AI? It’s certainly possible that features like facial recognition, Animoji are already benefiting from it in the iPhone X. Yes, consumers have grown accustomed to improvements in hardware, although that may now, be a thing of the past/slowing down. Especially where improvements to photography related features are concerned.

What’s abundantly clear is companies like Apple are increasingly finding it difficult improve hardware, so have turned to software. As such the Apple AI will provide better pictures, thanks to machine learning and tech purchased from the likes of Regaind.

However, while many may see this as a positive, others do not, some see AI’s as mega-corporation disruption. Software which determines the quality of work via arbitrary definitions of what is good or bad, something which will stifle creativity.