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Pi Desktop Turns your Raspberry Pi into a Linux Desktop


Pi Desktop turns the mini Pi into a full PC

With Premier Farnell’s Pi Desktop, turning your Raspberry Pi into a fully featured Linux Desktop is a hassle free task. Premier Farnell (PF), a UK based comanpy, is going to lead the development of the Pi Desktop. PF is claiming that “It’s an innovative set of accessories housed in an elegant enclosure. It is perfectly feasible to be used as a desktop computer, given that you keep your expectations in check”.

Similar to an average PC, the Pi Desktop comes with on-board accessories – USB adapters, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a real-time clock, an mSATA solid-state interface, an optional camera, and a power switch. Remeniscint of the Raspberry Pi, the Pi Desktop comes with few accessories out of the box. As with desktops, extending the core performance is going to require standard accesories. For example, connecting the Pi Desktop to an HD monitor will require an HDMI interface.

Packing a punch at $50

Pi Desktop will be available for sale at a price of $50.00 for the bare bones board. Adding an external solid-state drive would drive the price over $100. It can support up to 1TB of storage space, and can directly boot from a solid-state drive. Premier Farnell developed the Pi Desktop under its brand name element14. “As of now, it is only available through Farnell’s element14 and its resellers” Premier Farnell.

PI Desktop turns your Raspberry PI intoa LINUX Desktop. element14 by Premier Farnell.

The Pi Desktop does not pretend to be a machine it is not. It contains remarkable processing power. However, it cannot perform like a typical desktop without add-ons. Infoworld states “Even if it can run a full-fledged desktop operation system, web browsing or HD videos playback cannot be accomplished”.

“Premier Farnell is the largest manufacturer of the Raspberry Pi, having worked closely with the Raspberry Pi Foundation since its’s launch in 2012. Premier Farnell has also developed and launched an eco-system of accessories that support the maker, design and education market, enabling makers to develop their own dedicated projects with the Raspberry Pi” Premier Farnell.