Home Business Lyft is now serving over 1 million riders per day

Lyft is now serving over 1 million riders per day


Lyft, in a blog post, announced their one million rides per day milestone. The company has noted rapid expansion for the past 4 years, with in excess of 100% ride growth consecutively. Meeting this milestone meant accomplishing the goal of launching over 100 new locations in the U.S. by the end of 2017.

Lyft 1 million riders per day.

Lyft is claiming to have accomplished this goal in three months, and even going beyond by launching in 160 cities. As of today, the company operates in over 360 communities, serving “nearly 80 percent of the U.S. population”.

Lyft 1 million riders milestone reached

Since their first launch, Lyft has been exceeding business expectations, though, on a competitive level, it’s still miles away from Uber. Uber announced its own milestone by crossing 5 billion riders, thereby holding 77 percent market share. In a news release, Uber describes its landmark achievement, for which it thanked their network of dedicated drivers the most. And as a token of appreciation agreed to provide a $500 bonus for all the drivers that helped cross the milestone.

Lyft 1 million riders per day.

Lyft 1 million riders per day.

A word from the Co-Founder

Co-founder John Zimmer in a statement to TechCrunch said that “these important growth milestones are driven by a relentless and multi-year focus on our mission of improving people’s lives with the world’s best transportation. He further stated that “more drivers and passengers are choosing us because we have focused from Day 1 on ‘embedding hospitality’ and service in everything we do.  As we’ve reached service level parity, the Lyft experience has become a key differentiator.