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iPhone X – Engineer Fired After Video Leak – Easily Breakable and Expensive

How a YouTuber ended her father's career, why is the iPhone X so expensive, and drop-tests reveal it's the most fragile Apple phone ever!


Now that the iPhone X is being delivered to those that chose to preorder it, new information is being revealed. Such as how an Apple engineer’s daughter and her carelessness caused him to be fired. Just how breakable this new handset is, and how quickly it sold out after release.

Here’s what you need to know about each of them.

iPhone X Viral Video Seals Engineers Fate

Literally, just a few days before the handset was to be released a video found its way onto the Internet. This video/illicit hands-on was available on YouTube and 9to5Mac and spread like wildfire.

Who was to blame?
Unfortunately for one Apple engineer, it was Brooke Amelia Peterson, his daughter. She had for whatever reason decided to visit daddy at the Apple Campus. And then, in what was a clear breach of Apple’s protocol, filmed the entire trip. Unfortunately, for Mr. Peterson, included within the footage for all to see, was the then-unreleased iPhone X.

The incriminating video

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0ew69e9j40 [/embedyt]

The Consequences:
Now, too many, the video may have been one young woman’s lack of understanding of the sensitive nature of the product. Or for the matter of fact, how seriously Apple takes such a breach of its rules. As not too long after it became clear who she was, and more importantly that he father worked for the company. He was fired, meaning a carer at the company had gone up in flames, thanks to what may have been hijinx.

However, from Apple’s point of view, the dismissal was due to not only the recording of the iPhone X. But also because it included footage of special for employees-eyes only QR codes. Plus, a notes app, which included what may have been codenames of yet to be announced products. All of which constituted a violation of Apple’s rules and grounds for the sack.

iPhone X expensive and breakable
Screenshot Source: YouTube.com/SquareTrade

iPhone X Sold Out in 10-minutes

Back on Friday, 27, October, the all-screen first OLED iPhone hit the market. Furthermore, it sold out in just about 10-minutes, meaning at 08.10 am, there were no more to be had. The question is, why? As it is Apple’s most expensive smartphone ever, starting at $999 and $1149 for the higher storage capacity model.

It seems that the price tag has not put people off, and demand has been high, in fact, much higher than for the iPhone 8/8 Plus. The demand was so high that the online Apple shop experienced server load problems just after pre-order launch. Now, the fulfillment list has grown so big for Apple, that it may take it the whole of November to deliver.

How much Profit?
As for the cost to manufacture, it’s widely being reported that the entry iPhone X costs $357.50 to make. If true at a retail price of $999, that gives Apple a gross margin of 64-percent. What about the £1149 model? Unfortunately, the figure for that is not available; however, with identical specs apart from storage capacity, its likely in the high 50’s.

broken iPhone X
Screenshot Source: YouTube.com/SquareTrade

Expensive and Breakable

Not only is the iPhone X, Apple’s most expensive handset to date, but it is also it’s the most fragile. That is according to tests that have been carried out. And that goes directly against what Apple has claimed when it says the handset has:

“The most durable glass ever in a smartphone.”

However, contrary to that claim, drop-tester SquareTrade conducted a series of tests. These saw the iPhone X dropped from a height of 1.8-meters. With the result showing that in fact, the device is easier to break than any other iPhone ever! And that means, not only is it the most expensive to buy but potentially the costliest to repair too.

The Damage
As for what the side-drop testing revealed, it showed that even though the screen came out relatively unscathed. More severe damage was done to internal components, which resulted in the display becoming unresponsive. Plus, the home swipe gesture no longer working.

Furthermore, when dropped onto its face (screen down,) the toughest-glass ever in an iPhone, shattered. That resulted in the display not working, and Face ID not responding at all. Additional tests carried out, saw it dropped onto its back, and again the glass shatter.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_OT1FQSWuU[/embedyt]

The result is, if you own an iPhone X, or plan on purchasing one, get a case or cover. They may not provide 100% perfect protection, but they will certainly reduce the risk.