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Iphone 8 leak based render garner mixed reviews

Prototypes of the unreleased iPhone 8 reveal the concept of dual vertical lenses, a square body and many other details. The leaks were then used to create artificial rendering, which has been the cause of generally mixed reviews.


iPhone “8” leak based rendering show square design, appears like iPhone 5

There have been various leaks of the next-generation iPhone prototypes over the past few weeks. The latest leak is now almost a month old. This leaked revealed many details of the prototype. The leak first appeared on Weibo. These leaks revealed the attempt to round the edges of the phone while maintaining a square body design.

Iphone 8 leak
The leaked schematics.

The leaked schematics shown above, show curved edges like Samsung. This is something that is needed for the OLED for the curved edges. Others have made renderings based on the leaked hand-sketches. The leaked sketches and renders have revealed the following important notes:

Vertical Dual Cameras

One of the major revelations of the leaks was the addition of a vertical dual-camera slit in the rear. This certainly jives with Apple’s motto of pushing the limits of smartphone cameras. This is exciting news for photography bugs, potentially.

Touch ID in the rear

Another revelation was the addition of rear-phone touch identification. Some say that this is mostly due to Apple’s inability to integrate the phone’s screen with the sensor systems. Appadvice reports that the all-glass front is the prime mover in causing this decision by Apple. This could be the primer mover in causing integration problems for a frontal touch sensor.

Curved edges

The prototypes reveal curved corners on the corners of the glass. This has implications of partnership with Samsung for OLED. OLED is capable of rendering great physical flexibility for displays. This could be taken harshly by anti-Samsung fanatics.

Box chassis

Most of the recent revelations a square body structure, which is highly reminiscent of the 5th generation phones.

leaked schematics