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Great Gift Ideas for Christmas and the New Year


Tis the season to be jolly. And it’s also the season to fret over finding that perfect gift idea. These days, it’s easy to find just about anything imaginable on the Internet. Problem is, many consumers now struggle with information overload. There are, quite simply, too many products for many consumers to select from.

I’ve found myself in that same dilemma many times. What gifts can I give to people that they’ll actually enjoy? Something that requires a bit more thought and provides more meaning than a gift card. Having spent an afternoon or two (okay three) hunting around for unique ideas, I’ve come up with some gifts that might actually be worth the money spent.

By the way, several of these gifts were pulled off of The Gadget Flow, which does a good job of curating interesting and unique products. If none of these gifts appeal, I recommend checking out there website. Another good way to source ideas is to head to community forums. For example, if you have a family member who loves Star Wars, head to Reddit and check out the Star Wars subreddit for ideas. There are a ton of other Star Wars specific websites.

Grab A Journal For Goals

The new year is here and many of your friends and family will be striving to achieve goals. That might mean starting a new business, doing well in class, losing weight, whatever. When it comes to supporting loved ones and their goals, it’s always a fine line between being supportive and encouraging and overbearing.

Design in 365 is known for selling a variety of journals that are  formatted to help people achieve their goals. It’s not rocket science, but simply having a journal to write down goals, organize tasks, and monitor progress can really help. Each journal is designed to help with specific undertakings. Healthy living, sustainable lifestyles, or building and pursuing business goals, for example.

I have a friend who is looking to launch his own small business. A bakery in this case. Might be that I pick him up one of these journals. Seems like a good way to show him that I care without overstepping any lines.

Emoji Pillows- Great for Kids and Large Groups

Emoji movies, talking emojis, emoji video games, so many emojis. They have, for better or worse, ingrained themselves into our lives. Now, you can buy emoji pillows. These would make for fun and affordable gifts.

This last bit is especially appealing if you have to buy a large number of gifts, say for the office, or distant relatives. At less than $13 bucks a pop, you can pick up several of these and give everyone a unique, fun gift that also shows off a bit of personality. Young children and light-hearted adults will probably get the most kick out of these pillows.

A Top-Notch Smartphone Case

So many smartphones are so thin and fragile these days that a smartphone case has become a near necessity. Problem is, if you spend a $1,000 on a smartphone, you don’t want to cover it in a cheap $5 dollar case. There are tons and tons of smartphone cases out there. Most of them, quite frankly, look like junk. The smartphone cases below, in my humble opinion, look lit.

A Luxurious and Classic iPhone Case

This Luxury iPhone X Vintage Case might be my favorite in terms of looks. It has a classic, vintage, and classy leather look. It’s hard to make an iPhone X more attractive, but this case does just that.

Capturing Moments with a Moment Lens Case

The Pixel 2 has what many critics regard to be the best smartphone camera of its generation. Still, a smartphone is a smartphone. You don’t have the zoom and lens features that you’ll find on a camera.

Moment camera cases, however, can be attached to Moment lenses, which offer a big step up from the regular lens. This Pixel case looks great and provides added photo functionality. You can get either a black canvas or walnut case, but I’d definitely go with the latter.

Moment offers similar cases for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones. Great gifts for photographers.

An Assault Rifle Rubberband Gun

Personally, I love gifts that allow me to take a trip down memory lane. Of course, “memory lane” gifts need to be customized for the individual you’re buying gifts for, but for me, a high-quality rubberband gun would be absolutely amazing. There was a campground we stayed at as kids that had six-shooter revolver rubber band guns. I thought that was the coolest thing ever.

These days, you can buy precision rubber band guns modeled after classic pistols, machine guns, and the like. If you’ve ever heard a loved one reminiscing rubber band gun wars as kids, or anyone who appreciates guns in general, a rubber band gun could be a fun gift.

If a rubber band gun isn’t going to suit your loved ones’ fancy, see if there is another gift you can buy them that will take them on a trip down memory lane.