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VR Camera by Google, an evolved experience for $17,000

In the likings of recent VR/AR releases by Facebook, Snapchat, Google partners with Chinese Yi Technology for new VR camera. The camera takes 17 4-K videos simultaneously for the purpose of recording VR enabled videos.


Google’s powerful VR partnership with Yi Technology

Google partnership with Chinese cam maker yields a marvelous spectacle of VR technology. The camera has sixteen 4K cameras around and one on top. The idea in using multiple cameras is to generate a 360 video of an event. The captures videos provides a fully involved experience for the VR viewer.

The camera is introduced as an addition to Google’s Jump platform. Jump helps users create panoramas. This is also an effort by Google to gain an edge on their ideological competition.

Daydream controller

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The past couple of months are witnessing impressive releases in virtual reality technology. Facebook’s virtual reality platform has received mixed reactions from Business Insider. The reason, however, is that there isn’t a lot to do with it. As the technology blossoms, there will be more applications and innovations. However at the moment, each impressive product concept sits in isolation.

OTOY is another example of compelling virtual reality innovation. In this case however, they are partners with Facebook.

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