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CowaRobot, the suitcase that follows you when you walk

Chinese company launches smart suitcase that follows the user of the user automatically. The suitcase is controlled by an app, and a smart bracelet which can be used to send commands to it.


CowaRobot R1, the app controlled suitcase that follows you

Cowarobot has come out with a new suitcase that follows you wherever you go – the R1. Users can summon the suit case with a smart bracelet. Users can view the location of the suitcase with its app. The R1 uses depth sensing technology and a form of sonar to gauge its environment. The Chinese startup promoted itself through Indegogo, and markets its as an autonomous suitcase. As of date they have raise $250,000. Even though you may think they are alone in doing this, they already have some competition. NUA robotics introduced a similar product at CES this year. The innovation space for smart devices is effectively boundless.

Smart watch activated smart suitcase

Cool Features

Autonomous motion

The R1 comes packed with some neat features, according to the official release. For one, the suitcase can reach a top speed of 4.5 mph, and can move around physical obstacles. Using the company’s patented “CO-EYE” technology deserves the credit for this. The suitcase has built in cliff detection, depth sensing, and sonar functionalities. It can also be used like an ordinary suitcase. The sensors of the suitcase provide a rich perspective of the environment to it, and then it chooses an optimal route to the owner of the suitcase.

Physical control with smart bracelet

The controls for the suitcase are done using a BlueTooth connected smart bracelet. The bracelet can transmit commands to the suitcase, and summon it to the wearer.


cowarobot bracelet
keyless remote bracelet


The R1 uses a 0.0965 kWh lithium-ion battery bank to fuel its parts. The suitcase also offers USB charging ports to charge other devices. The battery is removable, complying with airport regulations in several countries.

A good suitcase

The R1 is a technologically advanced suitcase with or without all the fancy technology. The frame is built out of aluminum, and has a capacity of 8.7 gallons. The parts are all modular and are accessible. There are special sections to keep all the electronic devices.

cowarobot r1
Modular design