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Qualcomm and Chinese Manufacturers Launching 5G Phones in 2019

5G communication technology could free the world!


The communications industry will experience a technological boom in the next few years thanks to leaps in cellular data capability. Meaning that 5G phones will be the next hot-property on the market for consumers like you and me. As such, tech-giant Qualcomm is discussing 5Gs potential with interested parties from around the world.

Meaning that we could well be connecting to the internet a whole lot quicker in just a couple of years. This coverage is already being sought out by major networks the world over. As more of us continue to find the need to stay connected, the speed at which we do is set to increase.

Will 5G Phones be With Us Next Year?

Steven Mollenkopf, CEO of Qualcomm, certainly believes so. Having advised as such at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show.

“You will see (the capability for 5G) in real devices – on the shelf – in 2019,” he states. Adding that 5G networks will be opening up across the West and East in tandem. And that will lead to an increasing demand for speedier internet access.

“I think you will see the typical first movers, Korea, Japan and the United States. You will see robust demand in all of those locations, meaning operators want to be first and not left behind.”

As such, 5G coverage seems set to be widespread before the decade’s end! So, considering that is less than two years away, there is indeed plenty of reasons to be excited!

What Will be the First Smartphone with 5G?

Qualcomm 5G chip
While it’s not clear yet exactly which device will be the first to boast 5G
connectability. Qualcomm is aiming to beat the competition and has been testing to ensure it can bring superfast-data to East-and-West. And that means they are leading the way in developing the first 5G phones you’ll see, as soon as 2019.

Extensive testing has been taking place on a chipset known as the Snapdragon x50. The chip has reportedly, already been achieving regular speeds measured into the gigabits! That is an Incredible improvement on what is already perceived to be superfast cellular connectivity through 4G. Wireless technology is dependent upon a plethora of different factors. As such, both Qualcomm and leading Chinese firms are getting ready to usher in the latest communication revolution.

Which Manufacturers are on Board?

Qualcomm is reportedly working on a landmark $2-billion deal with Chinese smartphone makers to take advantage of 5G data. 5G phones will likely arrive from the likes of up to six manufacturers, initially. However, it won’t be surprising to see global brands such as Sony, Samsung or Apple getting involved once demand spikes.

The manufacturers reported to be benefiting from the deal at stake include Vivo, Xiaomi, ZTE, Lenovo, Wingtech, and Oppo. Each will be offered the platform to develop ‘premium tier’ 5G devices. Plus, have the opportunity to make use of new RF front-ends, which convert analog radio frequency into digital 5G. It seems that all of the tools are being offered to these firms to make strides ahead of the competition.

What Could 5G be Used For?

5G and autonomous cars
Studderic | Pixabay

As well as offering incredible data speeds for 5G phones, this level of cellular speed will also ensure that advancing technology in the form of artificial intelligence and automated services can perform on a virtually lossless basis. Consider driverless cars, smart home accessories and more besides – a consistent and hyperfast connection to the internet will be essential for all of these services to succeed. Therefore, keen movement in the direction of this technology is more than comforting to those investing in – and interested in – where our devices are set to take us by the decade’s end.

What’s Next for Smartphones?

5G is undoubtedly the way forward – and while there are only a handful of Chinese developers leading the charge for the connectivity at the moment, we will very likely see increased interest in moving beyond 4G in the West soon enough. Big brands such as Apple and Samsung will always be looking to reinvent the wheel – and 5G may hold all the tools they need.

What will this mean for our everyday lives? I predict 5G data connectivity will be the unshackling of our world. By that, I mean, at last, non-buffering mobile streaming will be a reality. Plus, AI will accompany us on our travels, “Hey Google what is the name of that mountain range?.”