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12TB Helium drive released by western digital


Western Digital releases 12 TB Helium hard drive

The new Ultrastar He12 by Western Digital provides a high capacity helium hard drive with a novel design. The company used their Helium based HelioSeal technology for ththe He12. This technology is promising the highest MTBF in the industry. Along with reliability, the product also touts a low power figure that is the best in the industry. This is more than to go green. This improvement is most sought out by server companies. Western Digital is not the only company eying new storage frontiers.

Ultrastar He12
Ultrastar He12 specs

Amidst a shortage of components for flash drives

Hardware manufacturers these have some tough choices to make. Most manufacturers have to choose between marketing and keeping their technical edge. Amongst such manufacturers is Seagate who envision a looming shortage for parts. This would have been a laughably distant problem just a few years ago. Others like Intel have introduced products like the Optane. This product combines the speed of solid state drives and the prices of fan drives.

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The reason for this horizontal expansion in storage technology is simple. They are all on Gordon Moore’s calendar. The time for conventional storage methodologies is almost up. As we stand in the wild west of hardware innovation, it remains to be seen which technology comes up on top.